How to Check Your Car’s Cooling System?

We have probably heard this debate on more than one occasion. Which is better, water or antifreeze for him? Then we will try to clarify some doubts on this subject. The first thing will be to say that the cooling system is of vital importance for our car and that its maintenance should be the best possible.

Why? Because it is the person responsible for evacuating the high internal temperatures that occur in the engine. Up to 2,000 degrees can reach during the explosion of the fuel inside the cylinders. Subsequently, that very high temperature will decrease when the expansion run occurs, and in the escape phase, it will continue to drop to 150 degrees.

car's cooling system

The cooling system will, therefore, be responsible for reducing the average temperature of these elements. Without this system, dilations and deformations could create in different parts of the mechanics. Some examples could be the rubbing of the pistons with the cylinder liners, burning the cylinder head gasket, and even some of the weaker parts cracked.

In the cooling circuit, it will be responsible for absorbing the heat emitted by the engine, and therefore, the temperature drops. That’s where our two main options appear, water and antifreeze, and doubts of which one to use. A few years ago, water used, although later came the antifreeze liquids that mix water and some additives to improve their capabilities.

car's cooling system

Therefore, we can pour water into the cooling system, and it will work. However, it will not be the most recommended option. Water contains oxygen (H2O) and therefore, may oxidize some of the pieces. It also changes state with temperature, and this means that it can freeze below 0 degrees, or it can evaporate if it exceeds 100 degrees. Also, keep in mind that you cannot use tap water, which contains lime and could clog some parts of the circuit. In any case, if used, it would have to be distilled water.

The antifreeze liquid will have advantages over distilled water thanks to the additives we said before. This result will ensure that the liquid does not freeze to about 30 degrees below zero, in addition to raising the boiling point by 20 or 30 degrees. Another positive point is that we can forget about the rust and lime that could accompany the running water.

This result translates into the fact that antifreeze liquids guarantee a better functioning of the cooling system and will also improve its useful life. We will also ensure better cooling with these liquids thanks to their improved properties. Although, of course, it will be acceptable to use distilled water if we need it or if we have an emergency to avoid major evils.

car's cooling system

Maintenance, in this case, will not be very complex. It is advisable to check the level and visual status of the coolant frequently. Remember that the proper functioning of the engine will depend on its cooling. Normally the time to replace it is usually between two or three years, something that should review in the maintenance book of each manufacturer.

In the previous video tutorial, you can see how to clean the cooling system of a vehicle. It is a fairly simple action and that many will already know. In any case, if there is a problem of greater severity, it is best to the hands of a professional.

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