Some Steps to Install LED Light Bulb in Your Vehicle

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If you want to install LED lights or headlights in your car, you must follow some essential steps. We have gathered to resolve any doubts that may arise. Nowadays, when we decide to buy a new car, in most of the available offers, we will find that our vehicle has LED front lighting. In the rear optical group, it is ...


LEDs has a great future on Automotive Lighting

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In autumn and winter, drivers have to use the headlight earlier. Most drivers want more light on the road, especially if they don't drive a car with LED or xenon headlights. The reflector on Old headlights could be corroded and emit the scatted light to blind other drivers on road. It would be helpful if you clean the ...


How to Change the Car Wheel by Yourself

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A vehicle with wheels in poor condition can cause a traffic accident due to poor adhesion, and a flat tire at high speeds can be very dangerous if the car cannot control, so the importance of regularly checking the condition of yours After trying to raise awareness about the danger of tires in poor condition and ...


The Reasons Why a Car Loses Oil

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It’s normal for you, for its function and the way it works to take care of the engine. But, in addition to that, losses of this liquid can occur, something very worrying, since it is the one in charge of lubricating the moving mechanical parts to guarantee its durability. We ask Total Spain experts the reasons ...