Tips to Help You Clean Car Tires by Yourself

Sometimes due to lack of time or other priorities, we leave aside the cleaning of the tires of our car. We already tell you how to clean the windshield glass, how in the event of a disaster (we hope not in the style of Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction ), and how to car in just eight steps. Today we bring you these tips to clean the tires and not die trying.

It should note that there are two types of people in this regard: those who use an oven cleaner, and those who do a master’s degree and ask for a loan to leave them as factory outlets. But in there is room for everyone.

Before starting

First of all, it should note that if the wheel disassemble, and the inside of the tire clean, the result is spectacular, although it is not the usual way to do it unless we leave the car in the hands of professionals.

The wheels must be cold, as the brakes accumulate and transmit a lot of heat to the tire, which, in addition to safety, can cause used products to dry prematurely on the surface. It is also essential that the application times set by the manufacturer of the cleaner are respected; if they dry, they can leave unwanted marks.

clean car tires

Whenever we use a tire cleaner for the first time, we must test it in a small area, leave it on and rinse. If we see that it affects the finish in any way, discard the product. Special care with painted tires, since they do not accept aggressive cleaners.

It recommends that the tires and wheels be the first part to wash since otherwise, it can splash and dirty parts of the car that were already clean.

The process

The utensils that you are going to need are gloves, a bucket with warm water and soap, some specific cleaning products and brushes, and brushes to rub the wheel arches and remove any grease and dirt.

1. Work on one wheel at a time. If we leave the products too long, the abrasive level they have can damage the paint.

2. Fill a bucket with plenty of water and add the soap. Put twice the recommended concentration.

3. Clean the inside of the tire first. Apply a good layer of tire cleaner, and leave it on for about 3 minutes.

4. Dip the brush in the bucket with soapy water and wash the tire and tire. It is advisable to use a specific brush for tires and another for tires since it will accumulate a lot of dirt, rinse very often.

clean car tires

5. If the tire has hard-to-reach areas, try an old toothbrush.

6. When the rear of the tire is clean, we can go to the front. Rinse all parts well so as not to leave a cleaner residue.

7. Apply a generous amount of tire protector/brightener. A specific applicator will facilitate this task.

9. For a perfect result, apply a layer of synthetic wax on the tire. As usual, let dry and remove the residue with a microfiber towel.

10. If desired, apply a new layer of protector/brightener to the tire.

In Forodetalles, we can find the pro way through a manual that guides us step by step through the different cleaning phases. It also includes the tires: shampoo and conditioner – bodywork and tires, not Pantene -, tire sealant, finger pocket applicators, sprayers If you have a couple of weeks off at work, you can try to leave your wheels as factory exits.

clean car tires

Home solutions

At the other end, we find the home appliances, which reduce costs and time. Specifically, the advice circulates that if you have hubcaps, the goals in the dishwasher. Saint’s hand. Before continuing with more tricks, we want to emphasize that the problem of going to cheap products that do not require rubbing is that they are highly corrosive and can spoil the glossy finish of the tires.

The next tip is to buy an oven cleaner product. How do we do it? Always with gloves, to avoid abrasions, we spray the tire with the foam and wait two minutes maximum, after which we will remove, preferably rubbing the foam with a cloth. If possible, contact with the tire should avoid.

The KH7 has also been widely publicized in the forums as a product to clean them, but it warns that it must be diluted in water since chrome and paint eaten by being very abrasive.

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