What You Need to Know About the Car Maintenance

We always say that in cars.com, there is room for everyone: whether you are a regular of the detailing or if you prefer to use homemade solutions, such as cleaning the tires with an oven cleaner or starting the car with a rope.

1. Check the wheels

The only part of our vehicle that is in contact with the ground turns out to be one of the most important. Always taking the manufacturer’s specifications as a reference, check that the tires have the right pressure: neither too high nor too low.

We can find them in the vehicle manual, although they are also usually placed in the fuel tank cover, in the glove compartment, or the driver’s door frame. It is best to check the pressure at least once a month, always cold. We must look at a depth of the grooves or if it shows damage, leaks, or stuck objects.

2. Check the oil level

Most cars have a rod in the engine that allows. Again, with the engine stopped and cold, remove the rod by gently pulling it up.  Wipe the end of the dipstick with a cloth or paper and note that it has two notches: the minimum and maximum oil levels allowed. The time has come to reinsert the rod as far as it will go and remove it again. You can see that it has stained oil on its end; The stain should place between the two notches. If the level is below the minimum, you must fill with the type of oil indicated by the manufacturer.

car maintenance

3. Check the brakes

As it is a manual for bums, the number three should be limited to “step on the brake, do you brake? Then they are going well. ” But if you want to feel more useful, you can try to look at the brake discs in case they have stopped being round.

4. Check the lights

At this point, interestingly, another person can tell you if there is a beacon lighted while you are putting them all, although you can also do it.

5. Check the antifreeze

It is the liquid that is responsible for preventing the water in the cooling circuit from freezing. In addition to this main function, it also has many others, such as transferring heat to the outside, preventing the liquid from boiling, reducing evaporation, and protecting the circuit from cavitation (corrosion that occurs when gas bubbles form that prevent contact directly from the metal with the coolant).

car maintenance

6. Check the windshield washer fluid

This liquid has a very easy access tank, and you can change it yourself without any problem. There are cars with headlamp systems, which also need liquid, which they usually take from that same tank.

For the low price that these liquids have, it does not compensate to use soapy water (a widespread custom, however), since they can damage the circuits in the long run. You better realize that you don’t have a sunny day and to the glass. And we can reduce further the steps to follow; specifically one: take the car to the workshop and have them do it for you.

This result is the video that Car Throttle has published to record that even the laziest can check the car without wasting more time than necessary. Note: we do not recommend using the headlight of the mobile phone to insert it through the recesses of the car; unless you do not mind that it is filled with grease or lost in the darkness:

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