What Should You Prepare for the Long Trip

Most Spaniards will enjoy the next vacation after traveling by car. The destination is not always close to where everyone lives, so before traveling, you should check the condition of the car.

These types of reviews should not do at least once a year, but as most drivers do not follow this advice, it is not bad to take advantage of these dates on which you are going to travel to make a check. There are drivers with sufficient knowledge of mechanics to review these elements and prepare the car for a long trip. Otherwise, it is necessary to take the car to a workshop.

Compare different budgets to choose the most suitable one. You do not need to go to the official dealer: you can control the car at the manufacturer and with them. Of course, the manufacturer will not cover damages caused by a defective repair in a foreign workshop.

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They are essential for safety. They are the only part of the car that is in permanent contact with the road and must always be in an optimal state. Even if you do a few kilometers, Also, check its wear (especially on the flanks, if they have any blow and cold). Also, the state of the flanks, in case they have any blow.


Check the discs and pads. Very few drivers know. Here are ten, detect failures and drive without spending too much.

Oil level

Check the date of the last change. Then cold and with the car level.

Other liquids

Check the levels of brake fluid, windshield wiper, water, steering fluid, and coolant.

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They are essential in driving, especially at night. Once, you should check, in addition to working properly, the headlights must be clean and at the correct height. It must ensure that replacement lights and the necessary tools are available to replace them if necessary.


Check if not. Some time ago we published and should also know because sometimes you can see yourself in a hurry.

Steering and suspension

The shock absorbers and are part of the so-called safety triangle (next to tires and brakes). Check that the shock absorbers are in good condition by following.

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Check that the anchors are in perfect condition.

Air filter

Safety does not depend on it, but if it is dirty, it will increase fuel consumption.

But a car is not only mechanical, although everything works correctly is the main prevention measure. You should also check that some elements are not missing in the car. We had already published an article about, but this is what should never be missing:

  • Spare wheel: in good condition, in case you need to replace a damaged one, if necessary. Of course, cat and key.
  • Reflective vest: it is mandatory. It must take in an accessible place from the driver’s position.
  • They approved emergency triangles.
  • Documentation: all the “papers” of the vehicle, and the insurance policy.

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