The Reasons Why a Car Loses Oil

It’s normal for you, for its function and the way it works to take care of the engine. But, in addition to that, losses of this liquid can occur, something very worrying, since it is the one in charge of lubricating the moving mechanical parts to guarantee its durability.

We ask Total Spain experts the reasons why this can happen and the possible ways to solve it. His first indication was very clear: make sure we are facing an oil stain. It is very common for people to arrive at a workshop, ensuring that their car loses oil and is something else.

These spots that appear under the car, after having it parked, can be caused by any other liquid. One very common is water from the condensation of the air conditioning. You can recognize it by its thickness and smell.

What to do if a car loses oil

Once you know that your car loses oil, the first thing is to know the extent of the problem, to know how much quantity it has lost. To do this, use the dipstick to check if the oil level is between the minimum and maximum marks.

If that is the case and you maintain an acceptable oil level despite the leak, go with him to a workshop to solve the problem. If you have lost a lot, it is best to notify the crane to avoid major problems. Some parts may have damaged due to insufficient lubrication, and the car shouldn’t continue moving. In most cases, your insurance company will cover the cost of this transport.

car lose oil

Reasons why a car loses oil

If unfortunately, it is oil, there are numerous reasons why a leak can occur, although most are due to these four reasons. We have ordered them from least to greatest severity:

  • Crankcase screw: It is the most common reason and the easiest to repair. The crankcase is the place where oil accumulates in the lower part of the car (remember inside the engine). It is easy to take a blow and damage the screw or washer that fixes it well. Although these two pieces have to be changed, their cost is very low.
  • Joint gaps: There may be some slack in the seals, or the gasket of the filler cap, the seals of the rocker cover, the oil dipstick duct. If this happens, then the most likely thing is that the oil ends staining everything (does not mean you lose a lot of oil, but it is a pretty dramatic image, especially from below). If the drip is more intense, a cuff has probably broken—nothing expensive or difficult to repair, as long as you detect it on time and you.
  • Turbo: We’ve already explained and how to take care of it. It is an element that rotates at enormous speeds and needs special lubrication. When oil begins to lose through the seals, which no longer fulfill their function, it is because the turbo is at the end of its useful life (they last about 250,000 km) or that oil of very poor quality used. Replacing the turbo is a very expensive operation (about 1,200 euros) and delicate.
  • Cylinder head gasket: This part has a key mission: to prevent the coolant from coming into contact with the oil and mixing in the combustion. It is the worst reason why your car can lose oil, since repairing a head gasket is expensive because in addition to the change of gasket you have to rectify and clean all the ducts—a complicated process, difficult and, as we said, very expensive.

car lose oil

Regardless of the type of problem you suffer and the repair you face, the best way to avoid problems with the lubrication system of the car, there are two keys to avoid them:

Use quality oil: It does not compensate for using cheap oils. Quality lubricants will remove dirt from the engine more adequately. It is good to blacken, as that indicates that the oil fulfills its purpose, and impurities do not continue in the moving parts of the engine.

Change the filter and oil regularly: Using used oil for a long time reduces the quality of the oil, and other vehicle components may be damaged. The same goes for him. It is so cheap to change it along with the oil that does not compensate for suffering the problems that may happen. As the saying goes, it can be very expensive.

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