How to Change the Car Wheel by Yourself

A vehicle with wheels in poor condition can cause a traffic accident due to poor adhesion, and a flat tire at high speeds can be very dangerous if the car cannot control, so the importance of regularly checking the condition of yours

After trying to raise awareness about the danger of tires in poor condition and how to find out if you have a flat tire. We will put ourselves in the assumption that you have suffered an unexpected flat tire, and this is the first time it happens, so you don’t have much idea of ​​how to change it.

In case of a flat tire, the first thing you need to do is reduce the speed at which you are driving, turn on the emergency lights and try to reach a rest area or gas station since the roadside can be a very dangerous place. If you have no choice but to stop on the side of the road, signal your vehicle correctly and call the roadside assistance of your insurance.

If you have successfully reached an area out of danger, be sure to turn off the engine, put on the handbrake, and the reflective vest. Try to park the vehicle in a flat area where there is no gravel or stones that may come into contact with the puncture in question. After these instructions, you are ready to start changing the wheel of your vehicle.

car wheel


It would help if you did not get nervous about this unusual situation that we have all faced at some point in our lives. Make sure everyone leaves the vehicle to avoid weight. Now yes, take a deep breath and go ahead.

The instruction manual

Before you start, check out the manual. You will surely find the exact position in which you should place the cat. Normally the cat is found together with the spare wheel, located in the lower part of the trunk. When you remove the wheel, check that it is correctly swollen and the keys to loosen the screws.

Place the cat

When you have all the necessary tools, it is time to place the cat in the position indicated in the manual. Once correctly placed, lift it until it comes into contact with the vehicle. Make sure the cat positioned correctly, firm, and on a flat part. It must be in place because otherwise, you can hurt yourself by operating it.

Trigger the cat

Once everything is in place, you must activate the cat. Lift your vehicle until the wheel of your vehicle begins to want to get off the ground. Then loosen the screws that hold the wheel a little. Normally each wheel is usually screwed with 4 or 5 bolts. Do not forget that you must remove it diagonally and do not loosen it completely, just a little. At first, it may cost you a bit to defrock them since they have installed in workshops with powerful tools, but do not despair.

Then drive the jack again to lift the vehicle until the wheel hit the ground about 15 centimeters. At first, this distance may seem exaggerated, but you should not forget that the wheel you are going to place is swollen, and it needs more space. Do not be scared to see your car “levitate” both the wheels and the suspension designed to withstand the weight of the car. Finally, loosen the screws completely to be able to remove them. Now, you have the flat tire out.

car wheel

Fit the new wheel

Then take the inflated wheel and place it in the place where the previous one placed. To guide you use the first screw. This way, you make sure you can install the rest in the right place. As you did, when removing them, make sure you do it diagonally.

Lower the car

Then, drive the jack to lower the vehicle until it is flush with the ground. Finally, remove the jack and tighten the screws of the new wheel, making sure they are well installed. This step is of vital importance, and your safety depends on it.

After performing all these operations, you are ready to start the march again. Remember that the spare wheel did not design as a normal wheel, so you should go to a workshop to change it for a tire of similar performance to the others before reaching 100 kilometers traveled.

As you could see, changing a flat tire is much simpler than it seems at first, so you should not be impressed and leave your nerves aside, they are your worst enemy at the wheel.

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