Ford Fusion Sport Perfectly Cover Extra Accessories

Ford Fusion Sport was sold in 2017 and for a short time, without much hype but with a proposal that, in equal parts, deserved more attention and dissemination. Under a subtly more aggressive body, about 19-inch wheels, four leaks, and a specific range of colors, an engine pulled out of Lincoln. The dual-turbo V6 2.7 is hidden, which in this case, adjusted to 325 horses and 380 foot-pounds, which, together with a six-speed automatic transmission, sends the force to all four wheels permanently.

Ford Fusion Sport

The chassis adapted for the extra energy and the base is in itself good, because except for the hybrid variant. The Fusion has always tended to be an agile car, an immediate and very precise direction by the standards of a medium sedan and with an approach to good management much more marked about already very competent alternatives.

In the Sport, discreet surname that could perfectly cover extra accessories, larger brakes added, and as a strong card. A suspension that, despite its greater firmness, does not detract from refinement because it incorporates a system that monitors the wheels several times per second and can detect when the tire falls into a bump. To the point that to prevent the side of the tire from receiving all the impact and can break, it partially reduces the extension phase of the shock absorber. It is a very useful help in our lousy streets and by the way, makes the quality of gait increase and is much more homogeneous, what we know and makes the Sport can fulfill its facet of the family car like any other Fusion.

When it was new, a Fusion Sport exceeded 31.000 dollars, and by then, it seemed expensive for a Ford sedan. It was not for what it gave in return in the mechanical section and equipment, even with ventilated seats forward, mixed clothing with Alcantara, and the commented engine/box set. That worth commenting, stood out for the intense response of 2.7 at medium speed, a box not so fast but correct and stability at the height of the capabilities of the supercharged V6.

Ford Fusion Sport

A package similar to an Audi S4 or a BMW 340i obtained but paying 40% less and the Ford, in honor of the truth, is not a 40% less car. Because it is not so agile to the limit when its 1,800 kilos and its finishes are not so different from a Titanium. But that does not take away the fact that it is a bargain from performance (it can reach 100 km / h in less than six seconds), its endowment of elements of comfort and safety, and, as an added value for some, discretion.

They serve as a reminder that Ford is capable of making very good products because this Fusion Sport is nothing but the heir of the missing Mondeo ST220 or the Contour SVT.

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