How to Save Car Fuel in Daily Driving

Everyone knows that the price of fuel is quite high. To try to solve this problem, we have compiled a series of tips to save you money when refueling, as many driving habits lead us to waste gasoline or diesel oil on certain occasions. Although admittedly, they are not all the necessary advice to save fuel, for that you are there, to remind us of some that we have forgotten.

Do not give unnecessary accelerations

One of the main tips when it comes to saving fuel is to avoid giving sudden and unnecessary accelerations. Even accelerating at idle produces extra consumption that leads to nothing.

On journeys by highway or highway, to maintain the consumption of gasoline in a balanced way do not make sudden changes in speed. Accelerating speed by 20% (from 80 to 100 km / h) means a 44% increase in the consumption of your car.

Wear long gears

To drive at a specific speed, the shorter the gear, the higher the speed. So the higher the consumption at the same time. Therefore, use long gears whenever you can and when you start, change to second to keep the engine running low. Ideally, for petrol cars, you are between 2,000 and 2,500 pm, and for diesel between 1,500 and 2,000 pm, but it varies depending on the vehicle.

To give you an idea, in 5 gear, an average car at 100 km / h consumes approximately 6 liters, in 4º 6.3 liters, and 3º 7.1 liters. This result is why even in the city, we should try to use the first and second gear as little as possible.

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Tire pressure

Circular with the one recommended by the manufacturer, not only will it help you avoid punctures and blowouts, but will also help reduce fuel consumption. Using a tire with low pressure can increase fuel consumption by 3%.

Oil change

Performing this action on time can keep your car in its most efficient state. Only changing filters can save you up to 10% of your fuel, as clogged filters affect, among other things, fuel consumption and engine power. Also, in the long term, you will pay less on repairs and reduce your likelihood of having costly accidents. It is one of the basic, but, conveniently, you do not neglect maintenance.

Beware of excess load

An excess of 100 kg means an increase in consumption of 5%, and the use of Baca can increase these levels from 2 to 35%. If you have your car overloaded, you should also keep in mind that the braking space lengthened.

Also, a bad placement in the trunk will affect the fuel expenditure.

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In ups and downs

You also have to take into account the gears used both in climbs and slopes. In this sense, you may be interested in ours.

  • For ascending sections, you should lower the gear as much as possible, increasing the pressure on the accelerator but without reaching down.
  • For sections of descent, you must raise the gears to revolutions somewhat lower than those recommended and circulate in the longest possible gear.

Facilitate startup

It is not necessary to step on the accelerator when starting. Even if you have not moved the car for a while since the cars mounted with injection engines, the technology allows you to start the car by simply activating the contact. In certain vehicles, for safety reasons and the technical operation question, what is appropriate is to step on the clutch or brake.

In gasoline cars, we must start the car once we have started it. In diesel cars, however, we must wait a few seconds after starting the car to start the march.

Arrests in the city

In the city, the stops and crossings are constant, and it is useless to accelerate to get to the point where you stop. You can also save yourself from accelerating if you see a red light at a relatively short distance because you are going to have to stop anyway. The accelerations will only make you spend more and wait for more at the next detention.

Air conditioning or windows?

Yes, the air conditioner makes your car consume more. Quite more (between 10 and 20%), because there is less power and the engine has to make more effort for the car to go at the same speed. But beware, according to studies by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, opening the window instead of putting the air is only advisable at low speeds. When traveling by race or highway, air conditioning is always cheaper. It also gives quite obvious recommendations in this regard, but it should remember:

  • Do not put the air too strong.
  • Try to park in the shade; the car does not overheat, and you do not have to abuse the air more than necessary.
  • Before connecting the air, drive a little with the window down so that the hot air in the car comes out, and the car can cool down before turning it on.
  • Please do not turn it on before you start driving. Most air conditioners cool the car more when they are running.

Do not drive too close to the car in front

If you save this step, you will kill two birds with one stone. In the first place, because you will stop losing gas by accelerating and slowing down. Ideally, leave enough space, so you don’t have to brake when you brake the car in front. Second, because it is one of the most common causes of fatal accidents.

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Plan the route

Before taking the car, you must know which way you are going to travel in your car. If we don’t know the route, go to a place without knowing where exactly we are going, or even having a slight idea of ​​the road. Economizing your laps implies greater efficiency concerning time, money, and fuel.

Fill the fuel completely

It is one of the maxima when saving gasoline. Why do we say this? If you fill the tank a quarter every time you visit the gas station, for the same amount of fuel, you will have gone four times instead of one, and then at the end of the day, you pay more. Also, when your tank is a quarter or less, the engine efficiency is reduced, and the filters run out faster too.

Buy gasoline with loyalty cards

It can be silly, but if you go to refuel gasoline, in the long run, you will appreciate it since many credit cards give you a certain percentage of what you spend each month. This only works if you pay on time, if the card has a monthly or annual cost, you will have to evaluate to know if it is a convenient option for you. You can compare what you save with the cost of the card.

Long trips, better in the company

Finally, if you make a long journey and travel, you will only pay more than if you travel accompanied. It is a drawer. For this, there are different companies, such as Blablacar, which allows and saves you money.

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