Ford Transit Received A Custom Camper Body Kit For Outdoor Vacations

Turning a van into a motor home is a wise idea to enjoy the holidays with this vehicle for traveling and sleeping outdoors.

Traveling is a pleasure, although you have to think about how to do it in style. Turning a commercial van into a mobile home is not as complicated as it may seem. Although it is a rather expensive change, and that can lead to a considerable price premium. Of course, the result can be like this Ford Transit Custom, which has been requested by a British buyer, and that made MS-RT and Wellhouse Leisure.

The Ford Transit has received a body kit that turns the exterior of the van into something more sporty. That seeks to make the exterior stand out against any other version of the Ford Transit. A double exhaust has also been included, which gives it even more personality and makes it sound different and more powerful. The 18-inch wheels finish rounding the external assembly, all under the signature of MS-RT.


Inside it has been Wellhouse Leisure, who has been responsible for fixing the interior. To give that touch, you looked for in a mobile home. White leather with blue seams has been used, and in the headrests of the front seats, the logo has also been added in blue, the same color that we found in the seat belts.


In the back is where the heart of the camper van design is. A full kitchen has been installed, where you can cook with comfort and a living room where you can enjoy that meal even more comfortably. The bedroom, located on the roof of the van, allows you to rest and enjoy the outdoor getaways without problems.


Among the decorative elements found in this Ford Transit Custom Camper is a Starlite Alcantara roof, which has luminous points that mimic the stars and Alcantara at other points inside the vehicle.

As for the technology, this preparation of the Ford Transit Custom Camper has satellite navigation, adaptive cruise control. As for the engine, it uses the 2.0-liter EcoBlue diesel block that provides 170 hp to the set. Of course, he said that it had a considerable cost and in this case, the van reaches 85,800 euros. It is to think about it, but considering the hours of fun and the kilometers it can give us, it may not be so much.

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