The Ford Fiesta New LPG Version Revealed in Spain

Ford has just announced the arrival of the Fiesta moved by gasoline and LPG, a gas that can increase total autonomy and reduce CO2 emissions.

The current automobile sector is beginning to offer a series of alternatives to traditional, very attractive fuels, and that can cause a high degree of pollution to begin to decline. Ford, a brand that has proven to be able to use this kind of livelihood for its range of model, has wanted to go further with the Fiesta. Although the American utility has vitamin variants, the engineers of the oval firm have decided to implement an opposite option and which will make use of LPG.

Ford Fiesta
These acronyms correspond to Liquefied Petroleum Gas, one of the most used alternative fuels in the world. Unlike hybrid vehicles, those that are able to house both gasoline and LPG inside receiving the biofuel car categorization. A circumstance in which the last Ford Fiesta is found thanks to this new variant.

But the Ford utility not only stands out for that new treatment but also for a series of advantages only achievable through the presence of LPG. The first of these is the ECO label, a long-awaited badge that gives its owners the chance to enter the heart of the big cities. However, the real advantage and that you can offer benefits regardless of whether or not we live in Barcelona or Madrid is total autonomy.

And it is that Ford says that, using the LPG exclusively, we can travel a total of 400 kilometers to the backs of the Fiesta. If we add to this capacity the presence of gasoline, we can enjoy a range of more than 1,000 kilometers. A distance that will not only allow us to cover our urban routes without visiting the gas station, but also make long trips using only LPG.

Ford Fiesta
In addition, this gas is 50% cheaper than gasoline, CO2 emissions are 12% lower, thanks to its presence. Without a doubt, this cocktail is very attractive and to enjoy it. We will have to get the Ford Fiesta equipped with the 1.1 PFi engine capable of generating 75 HP of power. This can be associated with both the Trend finish and the ST-Line, to give a more spicy point to the formula.

At the moment, the American firm has not talked about prices for this version of its Fiesta, but very soon, they will be revealed. With this premise, we are witnessing how Ford enters more intensely in a sector. With high demand and that very soon, this will be satiated with the presence of the first 100% electric vehicle of the brand.

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