The 745 HP Ford Mustang GT Becomes More American

The Ford Mustang GT has decided to work with Wolf Racing, a German coach who has managed to get the muscle car par excellence to develop 745 hp.

If you are a lover of American cars, surely you are a Ford Mustang, one of the pioneers of what is known as a muscle car. However, it was for several years that the oval firm vetoed the purchase of the Mustang but, after hearing our pleas, our dreams came true. In this way, the Ford Mustang landed in the United States in 2015 with two variants. It leaves those of the last name Shelby in the Americas. But coach Wolf Racing wanted to solve this problem in a striking way.

Ford Mustang GT

Currently, in the United States, we can get the most restrained Ford Mustang EcoBoost or the traditional GT with its Coyote engine. However, the Teuton coach has wanted to go further and reach figures reserved for the versions of the Shelby surname. In the Old Continent, we can also enjoy an even more radical vehicle and beast.

As usual, the changes that the Ford Mustang has undergone by Wolf Racing are not merely mechanical. On the extreme level, we can see a series of modifications capable of altering aesthetics and shouting at the four winds that we are not facing a normal Mustang. To be more exact, 21-inch wheels, a series of vinyl, and a ducktail spoiler finished in carbon fiber are responsible for enhancing the appearance of the muscle car par excellence.

Wolf Racing also wanted to take advantage of the situation to alter the suspension, adding an adjustable Coilover type that allows reducing the height of the body by 30 mm. In this way, not only a sporty appearance is achieved, but also a substantial improvement in dynamic behavior. On the other hand, to properly manage its new power.

Ford Mustang GT
The German company has made the Ford Mustang become a new beast, which leaves far behind the 450 hp produced by the 5.0-liter V8 when it leaves the factory. Thanks to the presence of an Edelbrock supercharger, the pony car is in the position to produce 745 HP of power and 880 Nm of torque. It figures that catapult it up to 100 km / h in 4 seconds and allows it to overcome the barrier of 300 km / h.

The most striking aspect of this modification is that it continues to allow its potential owners to enjoy that magnificent power-price ratio offered by the Ford Mustang. The gentlemen of Wolf Racing will let these benefits become under our domain for the disbursement 94,440 dollars. A figure that seems high if we compare it with a little more than 49,000 dollars. But that moves away drastically of vehicles of similar power, such as the Lamborghini Aventador S.

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