How to Save Car Fuel in Daily Driving

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Everyone knows that the price of fuel is quite high. To try to solve this problem, we have compiled a series of tips to save you money when refueling, as many driving habits lead us to waste gasoline or diesel oil on certain occasions. Although admittedly, they are not all the necessary advice to save fuel, for that ...


Tips to Maintain the Car Paint in Summer

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The painting of cars suffers, especially during the summer. This result is the conclusion of the experts in sheet metal and car paint from the network of Certified First specialist workshops that point to saltpeter, sand, and insects as some of the main great enemies against whom you should protect your car's paint ...


The Reason Why the Car Windshield Could Break

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Why doesn’t a strong blow break the windshield, and a light touch can blow it up into a thousand pieces? Stress, moisture, and cracks created by fatigue stress are the explanation. Although at first glance, the state of your windshield may seem perfect, the reality can be very different, and its real resistance to ...


How to Check Your Car’s Cooling System?

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We have probably heard this debate on more than one occasion. Which is better, water or antifreeze for him? Then we will try to clarify some doubts on this subject. The first thing will be to say that the cooling system is of vital importance for our car and that its maintenance should be the best ...