Some Steps to Install LED Light Bulb in Your Vehicle

If you want to install LED lights or headlights in your car, you must follow some essential steps. We have gathered to resolve any doubts that may arise.

Nowadays, when we decide to buy a new car, in most of the available offers, we will find that our vehicle has LED front lighting. In the rear optical group, it is another song, but little by little, it is increasingly common. The advantages of this type of light are indisputable: lower electricity consumption, more excellent durability of LED bulbs, better lighting, and, consequently, greater visibility of our vehicles, especially in adverse conditions.

That is why many drivers, especially when they have climbed or driven a vehicle that equips this technology. They wonder if they can provide LED lights in a car that mounts conventional lighting. The answer is yes, of course, you can do it, but as you can imagine, we will find a series of “obstacles” and also “legalities” that mostly depend on our passage through the ITV stations and, of course, our pocket. So we will review below the essential points to make this modification in our vehicle.

What LED lights can I install in my vehicle?

The ones that fewer headaches will give us will be those destined to the rear optical group since with changing them correctly. We will have the question solved; we will not even need to approach the ITV to be certified. The issue is complicated when we enter the world of the front optical group since we will have to take into account several factors.

When we decide to change the bulbs that our vehicle equips as standard with LEDs. The first thing we have to be clear is a “major reform” in the eyes of the law. Since we are changing the type of bulb or the lighthouses, so we must go through the ITV with the previous documentation, that they give us to legalize our lights. These apply to both LEDs and xenon headlights or so-called Angel headlights.

What kind of LED lights can I choose for my vehicle?

The simplest to avoid mounting the wrong bulb is to approach a specialized workshop to tell; it is from this point where we can choose two paths. On the one hand, we have the best, the right one, but the most expensive for our pocket. And in our workshop, they offer us a range of low and high beam lights that will vary in Its price depending on the brand. On the other hand, we have the cheapest option, which is to order them on a website that supplies them to us from China. We will save in our pocket, but it is probably only a short-term saving.

If you appreciate your car, follow the first path, since led lights do not work in a similar way to conventional ones. The LED lights incorporate inside a chip that needs cooling if this cooling does not occur. The least bad thing that can happen to us is that we burn the headlight. The worst thing is that the problem aggravated, and we end up scorching part of the electrical installation of the vehicle. So you invoice the bill for wanting to save us a few dollars will be very bulky.

Ok, I’m sure but now what is that of the Can Bus?

When you have chosen the LED light that you want to mount in your vehicle, you will probably stock by another doubt. Since you will see that some work in cars with Can-Bus and others do not. But do not worry, it is easier than it seems. The term Can Bus comes from the Controller Area Network Bus, which is nothing other than the system that is responsible for monitoring the proper functioning of the vehicle. Something that we will generally find in models after 2005.
Our advice is that you do not give too many turns to the head. You can always buy Can Bus LED lights, even if your vehicle does not use this system since the lights will still work correctly. If your car uses the Can Bus system and you install LED lights that are not suitable for working with it. It is most likely that they do not work correctly. And you have to return them if they leave you or buy new ones.

Can I install full LED headlights instead of just light bulbs?

You can see the vast majority of large manufacturers who have full headlights that are suitable for LED lights. You will also save headaches when it comes to knowing which bulb to choose and risk burning the beacon that we have mounted at that moment. The bad part of this point is its price since today they have high rates, but as always, you put the cost and budget.

You also have to take into account, even if you mount the LED headlights purchased in the own brand of your vehicle. You must follow the whole paperwork process that I have mentioned in the first point. That is Manufacturer’s Certificate, Workshop certificate that has assembled and Compliance Report, then go to the ITV. Logically, if you choose to mount the full headlights, the final amount will be higher. But you will make sure you have a quality product and the correct one installed on your vehicle.

I already have my LED lights installed, but weird things happen. What’s the matter?

Finally, you have decided to mount only the LED lights; you have chosen the ones you like the most. They are of quality and the right ones for your vehicle. You have even mounted the ones compatible with Can Bus to avoid problems. But now it turns out that when you are using them, the turn signals can that sometimes fail, emitting a blink much faster than average.

Don’t worry; it has an easy solution. If you have chosen LED lights, it is to gain in safety with higher visibility. But it also reduces consumption, since this type of light uses much less energy than conventional bulbs. Unfortunately, your car does not understand why you do this. So it may sometimes cause more activity in other elements, such as intermittent, since having a reduction in consumption. The system assumes that there may be some fused bulb.

It is enough to install a relay for the turn signals, so that it teaches, or instead deceives, our car that what is happening is standard. It is increasingly common for the LED lights themselves to solve this problem. But in case yours do not do it, it is enough that you mount the relay kit for your vehicle and lights.

Is it worth installing LED lights?

Now that you have clear the main ideas to opt for LEDs, my personal opinion is that yes, it deserves it. You will not only be extending the life of your battery and that of the alternator. But you will also substantially improve visibility when you drive at night or in adverse conditions.

The choice to put only the lights or the complete lighthouse, as I have already said, depends to a greater extent on the budget you have. Perhaps in part, on the aesthetic tastes of each one. But at the end of the day, the two most important things are that you do it with common sense, approach your trusted workshop and tell them what LED options you have available for your specific model. If you try to go on your own, unless master the subject, you can get to cause a significant breakdown; In addition to, of course, that you do it legally since if they stop you, they can get sanctioned with 200 dollars for circulating in breach of the regulatory conditions.

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